Sheepskin parkas: how we created the warmest jackets for the winter!

My name is Laura and I would like to tell you about my capsule collection of sheepskin parkas.

We started collaborating with Gabi and her family in 2018. We were starting Alau in Uruguay at that time and we discovered her shop during a trip to Punta del Este.

Story of Gabi

Gabi was born into an artistic family. Her grandfather had a workshop in Uruguay where he designed gamulan jackets. Gamulan means sheepskin in Uruguay. Gabi takes over the family business. She starts designing the jackets and the bags for her brand. Her husband also helps her with the financial tasks and the exports. They work together since 20 years. Nowadays, their daughter is taking over the family business. She does the designs and her mother manages the workshops and the artisans.


How did we discover Gabi?

I was in Punta del Este with Alessandro (Ale) and we were walking around. Punta del Este is a very trendy place, all rich Brazilians and Argentinians go there for their holidays. It is a very safe and wealthy place. Ale was showing me the city center and we were going to boutiques to see what they were doing. I saw Gabi’s boutique with sheepskin parkas in the window and I thought that it was crazy to sell winter jackets in the summer. For me, it was love at first sight. I loved the beautiful leather and the amazing quality of the jackets. The models were also original and stylish. We started to talk with Gabi and her husband to see if it would be possible to create a capsule collection for Alau. 


Our collaboration with Gabi

I always beard in mind Gabi’s sheepskin jackets. It wasn’t really sure if they would agree to collaborate on a collection. A few weeks later, we were in Colonia (a colonial city near Buenos Aires) and we visited Gabi’s other boutique. I still was fascinated with the great shapes of the jackets and the sheepskin parkas. I tried on almost all models of the boutique. The jackets were so comfy I couln’t believe it. The only problem was that they were very expensive and I couldn’t figure out how to sell them in Europe. Gabi finnally accepted to give us a discount and we started the collection. We were already in Switzerland when we developed the models, thanks to the technology. We decided to create 4 models and that’s it.


5 interesting facts about our Sheepskin parkas: 

  • Gabi took over the family business of her grandfather
  • The leather is extremely soft and pleasant to wear
  • Gabi’s daughters are modernazing the designs of the brand
  • A leather jackets takes over 4 days to be made
  • The wool inside the jacket is very warm and comfy


Creation of the Sheepskin parkas

Gabi and her daughters start by designing the model on a sheet of paper. Then, they calculate all the necessary measures. When they receive the leather, they cut it according to patterns. In the workshop, they sew it with a sewing machine. Finally they put the zip and all necessary buttons. A jacket takes over 4 days to be finished.

Life always surprises me, but what is real now is that we just launched the capsule collection online. Only 20 jackets, just for you!

Why only 20 ? 

Because we work with artisans and not industries

Because we love the idea to produce unique models

Because we believe that handmade with love makes our pieces even more beautiful

To discover our capsule collection of Sheepskin parkas, meet us here.